Things to Do in Nepal



    This article tells you the things that can be done In Nepal.

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    Nepal is a nation that invokes a feeling in people and a place of mystery. Nepal contains eight including the world Mount Everest. It happens to be the world’s youngest republic and is a nation in South Asia. It is bordered by China and India.

    Nepal’s capital is currently Katmandu which is the nation’s biggest metropolitan city. It has a number of places, however, the holiest temple would be the Pashupatinath Temple which just Hindus can enter but visitors are allowed to take a look at the temple in another bank of Bagmati river. If you want to find a great perspective of Katmandu you should go to the Bhimsen Tower which is a nine-story tower in the heart of Katmandu. The tower has a spiral staircase inside containing 113 measures (it does have an elevator). For a small fee, you may enter the tower which is well worth it for the scenic view of the town.


    Things to do in Nepal




    There are a number of opportunities for trekking in Nepal with the Himalayas covering 64 percent of the country. In fact, it is arguably the best nation in the world for treks and hikes. Temples, monasteries and lakes scattered around the mountainside no matter which trek you select there’ll be some great sights and experiences. Watching the sunrise and set behind the Himalayas is superb.


    There are a lot of treks in Nepal that it would be very hard to write about them all, but the two most famous ones would be the trek to base-camp of the Annapurna Circuit and this world’s highest mountain.


    It is almost always best to reserve any trek through a respectable agent. Hiking boots are due to uneven terrain. Check weather conditions carefully you expecting it to be hot once the weather is really chilly or are not trekking in monsoon season.


    National Parks

    There are three conservation areas in Nepal, three wildlife reserves and nine national parks, this equates having protected land. The majority of people visit the Royal Chitwan National Park. This covers 932km2 of water marshes, sal forest, and grasslands and is by far the most well-known park in Nepal. The biggest draw and reason people visit is there is a chance to spot tigers and leopards and the fact that it is home to the endangered Indian one-horned rhino.

    The parks are fairly and worth visiting but they aren’t really on the tourist path.