The Unique Accommodation Bubble Suites at Wadi Rum 



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    Wadi Rum is a valley full of sandstone and granite in the southern part of Jordan. But the scenic beauty of this valley is absolutely marvelous. You definitely don’t want to miss your holiday at this place. One of the best places at the Wadi Rum desert camp is the Bubble Luxotel Wadi Rum where you may enjoy your holiday to a maximum level. Not only the scenery but also the accommodation of this place is so much splendid yet at a very affordable rate. The most unique thing about this hotel is that it provides you certain suites where the rooms are in the form and shape of bubbles. Sounds interesting, right?  It allows you to stay at your own place isolated from the others and enjoy the view of Wadi Rum valley. Even a few of the Wadi Rum best hotels are not able to provide the bubble suites like Bubble Luxotel. Let us dive deep into the bubble suite specifications of the hotel.

    Bubble Suite King – For your lavish stay at the Wadi Rum camp, but in king-size liberty, no other suite is better than this. With an absolute space for your freedom in the bubble, the bubble suite king is made with a great view as well as accommodation.

    Bubble Suite Twin – On a contradiction to the previous one, when you wish to visit Wadi Rum with someone close and special, then you should book the bubble suite twin. Not only it comes with a complimentary breakfast and dinner but also provides an awesome panorama of the mountains and stars.

    Family Bubble – With an extended family, you may wish to stay at a place which comfortable as well as scenically beautiful. The family bubble provides you all the comforts which you need with your family. Here also, dinner and breakfast come along with your booking of the bubble suite.


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