The Ultimate Guide to Personal Gym Equipment



Here’s what you need to know if you are heading to the gym for the very first time.

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Jay Cutler a pro bodybuilder and 4-time Mr. Olympia once said, “What hurts today makes you stronger tomorrow,” these words should be enough for someone to take inspiration and get moving.

The gym is meant for people who love themselves more than anything else. On the contrary, it could be a scary place for people who have never stepped foot in it before.

So basically, this blog is well-suited for beginners who are unaware of the dos and don’ts before heading into the gym. Here, you will get to know what should you pack in your gym bag and what should be the exercises to start with.

Keep a check on health conditions

Before you jump on to get started, you should be aware of your health conditions. The dream is to achieve the best possible health which satisfies you to the fullest. Before you head into the gym, you should be medically examined which includes,

  • Checking any heart-related issues
  • Any ongoing medical concerns such as diabetes, blood pressure, etc.
  • Any major operations you have been through in the last 12 months or so
  • If you have been restricted to exercise on any doctors advice in the past

What should you carry while heading into the gym

No need of carrying any sports equipment. Take the aid of technology, a Fitbit watch with you that tracks heart rate and other things. A water bottle, along with any supplements as suggested by your trainer, post-workout snack, sweat towel, and gloves. These are the basic amenities you should carry with you.

Figure out the best time to go to the gym  

A question often asked by a rookie. The answer to this is morning. A workout in the morning is best suggested as it can reduce stress levels and makes the rest of the day energetic. If laziness gets the better of you while waking up early morning, the next alternative is to hit the gym in the evening.

First gym session

Here’s how you should go,

  • Warm-up your body by doing push-ups, cycling, etc.
  • Start with light weights as a beginner or resistance exercises.
  • Sets should be ample, but you can compromise with repetitions as a beginner
  • Try resistant exercises as well
  • Follow all the points your instructors advise you to get better and quick results

Conclusion: I have mentioned all the basic details one should be following while heading into the gym for the first time. There are many gym and sports equipment to start within the gym and by following the aforementioned steps, I don’t think any difficulties are going to arise.