The nanotechnology company IQ Structures is transforming into a holding structure



    The company announces annual revenue growth of 70 percent

    Press Release

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    After eight years of its existence, IQ Structures is transforming into a holding structure. This holding is covered by the parent company IQS Group s.r.o., which has three subsidiaries under it. Each of them is dedicated to one specific area of ​​business.

    The original brand IQ Structures s.r.o. will continue to focus on the strongest part of the group to date – protection against counterfeiting. The division dealing in unique nano-structured optics will form a new company and operate under the name IQS NANOPTIQS s.r.o. Finally, a third company developing a completely new approach to 3D nano-printing technology continues under the name IQS nano s.r.o.

    “3D nano-printing, security and the optical part of our business group operate in markets with different business conditions and habits. Individual companies will now be able to enter into business relationships in accordance with the specifics of their business segments and develop independently,” says CEO of parent company IQS Group Tomáš Těthal. At present, about 70 percent of IQS Group’s turnover is made from security features, and about 30 percent is NANOPTIQS. 3D nano-printing is in the development stage of a new generation of nano-printers for mass production.

    The company, which produces holographic security features for polycarbonate identification documents, banknotes and securities, will address its main target groups, which are governments and state and private security printers, under the brand IQ Structures. Most contracts awarded at this level are subject to a confidentiality agreement. “Currently, we provide high-end optical effects for protection of various documents and products. In securing ID cards, passports and banknotes, we want to be stable among the three largest companies in the world,” explains Petr Franc, CEO of IQ Structures.

    The new company IQS NANOPTIQS got its name from the nano-structured optics it designs, develops and produces for the international LED lighting market. With a current focus on LED lighting hosting many applications the future looks bright with further opportunity to expand into the automotive and sensoring markets. These innovative optics give luminaire manufacturers new design possibilities, including miniaturization, whilst maintaining ultimate functionality and saving on material and energy. Something classical optic solutions find unattainable.

    The third company, IQS nano, aims to be the first in the world to build a 3D nano-printer for the production of bulky products with extreme dimensional accuracy.

    IQS Group now holds 23 patents and patent applications. Last year, the entire business group achieved a turnover of over one hundred million Czech crowns, with 70% growth. It also expects growth of at least tens of percent per year in the coming years.