The Life Mat Company: The Leading Supplier Of PEMF Machines In The UK



The Life Mat Company offers a variety of PEMF machines, an alternative to the invasive and expensive procedures that are often required for healing.

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The Life Mat Company  ( is the United Kingdom’s leading supplier of Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field or PEMF machine devices. Individuals may enjoy the products’ benefits, including enhanced rest and energy levels, stronger bones and circulation, less discomfort, and a sense of well-being.

This company’s PEMF solutions may be a smart financial investment. A low-cost investment that will benefit potential clients in all areas of their lives is perfect for many years to come. After all, aside from PEMF, few alternatives exist for regularly providing easy health support at home. Using the PEMF machine every day for 15 minutes allows users to improve their circulation and immune systems, relieve pain and inflammation and speed up bone and tissue healing.

PEMF machines are unlike most other goods in that they don’t need any electricity to function. There’s a big difference with the outcomes, depending on the suppliers. By acquiring PEMF machines from The Life Mat Company, professional consultations from a qualified, licensed practitioner can also be acquired. They provide specialised support to all clients.

The Life Mat Company also offers iMRS Prime which has set a new bar for the PEMF industry. This product includes low-intensity PEMF. The iMRS Prime encompasses the entire person, from their physical health to how they view the world. This is a multidisciplinary treatment therapy that incorporates PEMF, Infrared Ray Therapy, Colour and Music Therapy, Bio-Feedback, and Brain Entrainment.

After many years of providing excellent products, The Life Mat Company has satisfied numerous clients. One of their previous clients, Dave Nockels, a retired pilot from Oxfordshire, even left a positive note saying: “Combined with other modalities, the iMRS system has significantly improved my health and become an essential part of my daily routine. It feels rather like a trickle charger, giving me extra energy. It has also helped me to recover from some serious, debilitating conditions, by enhancing the body’s natural ability to heal. I can particularly recommend buying through Lifemat as they have considerable experience of using PEMF and their advice was very valuable”.

For more information about the products they offer, interested parties can visit their website at

About The Life Mat Company

The Life Mat Company offers a variety of PEMF machines, an alternative to the invasive and expensive procedures that are often required for healing. They also offer comprehensive consultation, expert guidance on the most appropriate procedures, and complete training based on their expertise. An experienced registered therapist will assist clients every step of the way, ensuring they have all the information and support they may need. For enquiries, you may fill out their contact form at You may also talk to one of their staff via 01273 803033.