The Kitchen Design Trends for 2022



For 2022, we will be seeing more of bright and fun colours and patterns as a send off to the grim and gloom of 2021. Here are the kitchen design trends from Murano Homes for your new kitchen.

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[Sydney, Australia,November , 2021—] What are the kitchen design trends for 2022? This was the first question any excited homeowner will most likely ask for their kitchen renovation in Sydney.

“For the past 18 months our kitchen was the busiest it has ever been. It was more than just a place to cook but became a center of activities for the household. The kitchen became a social hub, therefore the kitchen design Sydney should possess multifunctionality and practicality,” says a leading kitchen designer from Murano Homes.

  • Calming Kitchen

When it comes to the colour scheme, green kitchens will be part of the kitchen design trends for 2022. If you are planning for your kitchen renovations in Sydney, you will never run out of ideas, as there is green for every style. The hues can range from barely-there sage greens to the overly dramatic forest green.

Homeowners have become more experimental with colours and the use of natural materials and hues in new kitchen designs are great to see. You can also use green as an accent or cabinetry as a centrepiece of the overall design.

  • It’s About Texture

We have seen this trend in the living rooms and bedrooms for years. In 2022, textures will seep into the kitchen. Modern kitchen renovations Sydney will see more visible grains on timbers, brushed metals, honed or textured stone finishes, and concrete. The look adds depth to the kitchen and will make less hard surfaces and clean lines. Instead, it creates a layered look with plenty of tactile elements.

This trend of using expressive tactile materials like concrete, metallics, and textured elements also add sophistication to the kitchen layout and creates a striking finish, giving the kitchen design some character.

  • Multifunctional Furniture and Storage

Since the needs of the kitchen changed, we need to have free-standing, multifunctional and flexible furniture to complement it. It requires pieces that can quickly adapt to the space without starting from scratch.

Lately, there has been an increasing demand for kitchen designs in Sydney. Homeowners are more interested in personalization. If you are going to renovate your kitchen next year, check out these biggest kitchen trends for 2022.

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