The Fireplace Technician, Now Providing Excellent Chimney Cleaning Services in Auckland



The Fireplace Technician, a fireplace installation and maintenance company in Auckland, is now providing chimney cleaning services.

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The Fireplace Technician, a fireplace installation and maintenance company in Auckland, is now providing chimney cleaning services.

The Fireplace Technician is an Auckland based, fireplace services provider. Their 50+ years of service in the industry, and over 30 years as a company makes them the go-to place for anything fireplace related. They provide all the services related to fireplace installation and maintenance. Now, they are also providing chimney cleaning services for households in Auckland.

Fireplaces are a common feature in New Zealand to keep the houses warm in the brutal winters of the Island country. When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, one can take care of the basic cleaning of the fireplace, like replacing the charred wood and ash. But, cleaning a chimney requires some specific tools and its expert.

Chimney cleaning is a very intricate task. It requires special and thorough cleaning, which is why professional help for chimney cleaning in Auckland is important. A chimney is a vital component for a fireplace, because burning wood results in the release of many pollutants and smoke, that carries many solid particles suspended in the air. All these byproducts are very harmful to one’s health. Some of these byproducts stick to the walls of the chimney and result in the buildup of soot over time, which can cause a very unhealthy environment in the living room. Regular cleaning of the chimney saves one from costly chimney repairs. These repairs become necessary when the condition of the chimney is kept unchecked for a long time. A big advantage of having a clean chimney is that it makes the wood burning much efficient.

So, The Fireplace Technician is the go-to place for people seeking excellent chimney cleaning services. Their website has all the information one needs. Call them at 0800 024 324 or mail them to [email protected] for more queries.

About The Company:

The Fireplace Technician is a leading fireplace maintenance and service provider in the greater South Auckland area with 30 years of working experience in Auckland and a total of 50 years of working experience in the industry. The Fireplace Technician deal in sale and installation of indoor and outdoor fireplaces and also offer professional chimney cleaning services. They also provide all types of solid fuel and gas heaters – as well as provide professional chimney and flue cleaning, replacement flue systems, repairs, tiling, hearths, and fire surrounds.