The Criminal Appeal Lawyers At Brownstone Law Explain The Importance Of Working With An Appellate Lawyer During An Appeal



Sometimes, trial lawyers offer to help their clients with the appeal process. But it’s best to bring in a criminal appeal attorney for a variety of reasons.

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Winter Park, FL ( ) – Individuals who aren’t happy with an adverse or unsatisfactory verdict they received may be tempted to file an appeal. And while it may seem logical to work with the trial lawyer who already knows your case, it’s actually better to hire a different lawyer, one who specializes in appeals. Below, the criminal appeal lawyers at Brownstone Law explain why hiring a lawyer who specializes in appeals is the way to go:

Trial lawyers often have tunnel vision that prevents them from utilizing theories and legal precedent that could help bring a positive outcome. An appeal requires different legal skill sets and knowledge of procedural laws. “While trial lawyers have experience in trial litigation, criminal appeal lawyers know the rules and regulations related to appellate procedures. An appeal lawyer must know when to file a Notice of Appeal or Notice of Discretionary Review, how to research and write an appellate brief, how to analyze records for potential appellate issues, etc. Appellate procedures also involve strict deadlines that (if missed) can impact the course of the trial,” says a spokesperson for Brownstone Law.

Appellate litigation involves preparing thoroughly researched briefs, and these are used to convince the appeals court that there exist legal, material, or procedural errors that justify a remedy. Criminal appeals lawyers primarily focus on the fairness of the trial. This is different from what a trial lawyer does, as their job is to build and present the case, i.e. they must introduce evidence, build records, and establish relevant factors.

Besides, trial lawyers are busy professionals who do not have the time to poor over and analyze hundreds of pages of trial transcripts and exhibits. Appellate lawyers spend hours deliberating over records to develop a compelling appellate argument.

“Of course, the trial lawyer’s insight is invaluable. In fact, working with an appellate lawyer during a trial can be a huge advantage, as it ensures that the case is properly set up for appeal, should one be needed,” the spokesperson adds. Criminal appeal lawyers at the Brownstone Law Firm often co-counsel with trial lawyers to protect records and make objections during trial.

About Brownstone Law Firm:

Brownstone Law is an appellate litigation law firm focusing on appeals in federal courts across the United States. The firm’s criminal appeal lawyers have handled hundreds of appeals in various state and federal courts, and they’ve reviewed civil and criminal cases.

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