The Best Creative RTS Game in 2022 – Rise of Warlords



Four mythological systems, hundreds of legendary heroes, and only one victory.

Press Release

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Rise of Warlords is a real-time war strategy game in which players choose between 4 civilizations and battle for control of Atlantis. You will have the opportunity to recruit and command famous heroes/gods. Apollo, Valkyrie, Leonidas, Caesar, Monkey King and so many other legendary heroes will follow you to combat. We also provide a huge map for our players to explore and gather resources for development. Fun events will always be provided in the game to help players build the empire.


Unlike other common medieval strategy games, Rise of Warlords depicts a world where you can experience real-world war. Players will fight against each other and compete in realistic terrain for the top glory. Battles may be launched anytime and anywhere because people never stop expanding the territories and plundering resources in this game. Allies will unite and fight together. Cooperation and unity make a strong empire!


Besides the traditional gameplay where players train soldiers and dispatch them to fight, our game provides RPG hero development system to give players more fun and playability. Each hero can be equipped with weapons, you can build a team of heroes with different skills . In addition, with Bonus system, your heroes are able to keep improving by distributing attribute points. It’s fun to cultivate your heroes step by step and make a best team.


We introduce an innovative Season system to the game. All the dominance and conquest progress will return to the starting point. All players will launch a fierce andcruel battle in the limited area to fight for their territories once again. The game will be more fun and full of competitions. The battle of domination and glory will never end!