The advantages of Oregon credit union



    For a long time, people have associated banks with reliability and trustworthiness, but things have changed, especially since Oregon credit unions have become more accessible and flexible with membership requirements. It is easier to get in touch with an Oregon credit union, ask information and discuss directly with a member.

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    There are some features that make Oregon credit unions highly desirable and people want to become members to take advantage of the great products and services. These institutions are friendlier and more accessible, as people benefit from improved customer service and assistance. Being established locally, unions stay connected with members and the community and respect their needs. The main feature is being non-profit, which means that they do not care about making profits and do not have to please stockholders. Instead, they focus on members and want to develop attractive offers, low fees and high interest rates on savings accounts. It is known that many financial organizations out there have high loan interest rates, but unions take things differently.

    Requirements to join the Oregon credit unions have lowered throughout the years and in some cases, it is enough to live within a certain location, worship a church, study or work somewhere within their list and such. It is more convenient and there are other aspects involved as well. Members have voting rights and they can vote in the board of directors, help take important decisions and what goes around. You are not able to say the same about other financial establishments, as you are simply announced of the changes and sometimes not even aware of them.

    Back to rates, the Oregon credit union succeeds in offering better rates and this is due to the non-profit vision they have. It is something special when you can make more money on the sum that you have in your account and every little amount matters. If you require a loan, your profile is evaluated and you can state why you need the amount, while members try to figure out the best way in which you can accomplish your needs. It comes a time when people want to buy a new home or a car, to study or open a business. Since they do not have the entire amount available, they need to get a loan and banks tend to be quite restrictive. They have some requirements and if you do not fall through, they reject your application. This is not the case with unions, because they try to find solutions even if you are going through a hard time. The interest rate is lower on loans and this benefits everyone.

    Resource Box: Have you seen what  Oregon credit unions  have to offer and how you can benefit from their level of service and financial products? More and more people are starting to look into the  Oregon credit union ( and it is no wonder why. Find out how you can become a member.