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    Do you own or manage a construction site that needs scaffolding equipment to ease access or boost workers’ safety?

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    Have you looked for a reliable company for scaffolding rental, RI, all over, but it has all been in vain? You should not despair as you came to the right place. Welcome to learn more about what New England Scaffolding, the industry leader in scaffolding, has to offer.

    About New England Scaffolding

    When you are looking for a company that combines skills, experience, and professionalism, you need to get to New England Scaffolding. As our name says, we are a full-service and specialized scaffolding company with over three decades of industry experience. Our dedication, commitment, skills, and experience of over 30 years have endeared us to a ton of clients. With us handling your project, too, you will have the assurance that you made the right decision.

    Our Scaffolding Equipment and Solutions

    You can talk to us and hire a range of our scaffolding structures. We also have a variety of solutions, such as shoring, privacy, and safety ones for you to choose from. Talk to us today if you need:

    Scaffolding: – with our scaffolding structures, you can ease access and achieve your goals in the safest, most successful, and compliant way. You can hire tube & coupler, sidewalk protection, fabricated frames, and systems scaffolding.

    Temporary Fencing:- when you need to secure your site from evil and prying eyes, you can do so using our temporary fences.

    Shoring: – if you need heavy-duty and high-quality shoring solutions for remodeling, repairs, and new construction works, you can hire them from us.

    Debris Management:- we also have debris management solutions for you. Setting our trash chutes on a structure under construction will help to clear trash safely and faster.

    Suspended Scaffolding:- sometimes, you need to work on structures with irregular shapes and complex angles. If it comes to that, ensure to get our suspended scaffolding.

    Containment, abatement, dust, and wind control solutions.

    Contact Us
    To hire any of the above solutions, get in touch with us today. Visit our website,, to contact us.

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