Talent Resources: An Influencer Marketing Agency Changing the Face of Modern Marketing



Efficiently connecting the brands and influencers to give you access to an infinite and ever-expanding market.

Press Release

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Talent Resources is one of the three businesses of Talent Resources Holdings. Founded in 2007 by its CEO Michael Heller, its three branches are Talent Resources Sports, Talent Resources Ventures and Talent Resources, an influencer marketing agency specializing in digital marketing.

Influential marketing is the newest and one of the most effective marketing tools with its offerings. Influencer marketing grows your business and Talent Resources is a name that has made its mark in this aspect.

With his experience of working for Rachel Hunter and Paris Hilton among other celebrities, Mr Heller developed a deep understanding of the media and entertainment industry and used his knowledge to build up Talent Resources. Nowadays, they are highly revered when it comes to connecting brands and influencers with each other and generating viewer engagement out of their marketing campaigns.

Talent Resources is an agency that has widespread and long-term working relationships with varied types and class of influencers from all industry types of mega brands and small businesses alike. They have successfully planned and executed many effective marketing campaigns.

Their campaigns with brands like Dahi, INMODE, Thred UP and Citizen among others from industries like lifestyle, apparels, food and beverages have brought them under the spotlight and made them a popular choice when it comes to choosing an influencer marketing agency with assured success.

Influencers like the Kardashians, the Jenners, Mindy Kaling and Demi Lovato are just some of the celebrity influencers they have good working relationships with. Their relationships with their influencers are more than just partner relations and have developed into tight bonds by repeated beneficial collaborations.

Talent Resources have also had involvement in marketing events like Turner Sports NBA All-Star party, the Sundance Film Festival and Sports Illustrated’s annual Super Bowl. Being one of the first agencies to successfully incorporate the idea of digital influencer marketing they have effectively used their relationships with brands and influencers to construct triumphant results.

They have successfully leveraged their connections and transformed them into one of the most effective marketing campaigners of their domain. Their headquarters in New York has been the seat of their operations however they have branch offices in Boston, Chicago, London and Dubai that are all equally affluent.

Talent Resources as an influencer marketing agency are an extension of your marketing team when it comes to changing the face of modern marketing to make it more engaging and fruitful. They have changed the face of digital influencer marketing and are making it more and more thriving in the current scenario.