Symphony Solutions delivers in record time BTG solution to the company specialized in covid testing for the Dutch government



Symphony Solutions, as a software partner of Spoedtestcorona, enters its first fruitful cooperation with the government of the Netherlands to provide rapid Covid-19 testing in schools.

Press Release

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This year Symphony Solutions, as a software solution partner of Spoedtestcorona, started an important collaboration with Dutch government to deliver rapid antigen tests for the schools of the Netherlands.

The pilot kicked off at secondary and practical schools throughout the country, where students were tested in a targeted manner. To ensure that this pilot runs smoothly, the ministry has entered into a partnership with Spoedtestcorona.

The project is aimed to show whether the use of rapid tests is effective in combating the number of infections. With the rapid test, students will know within 20 minutes after a nasal swab whether they are infected and pose a risk to fellow students and teachers.

The importance of this project is great. Mapping whether the number of infections can actually be reduced by using rapid tests is valuable data in combating the pandemic. Data that may be important in the decision-making process regarding the reopening of secondary schools.

Spoedtestcorona along with Symphony Solutions have developed its own platform that is used for processing all test information.

As a solution partner, Symphony designed and developed a solution that consists of three parts: B2B, B2C, and recently B2G solution. The team managed to deliver a cross-platform web application on the market in record two weeks. The list of tasks that had to be completed included building an application integrated with test labs software capable to update available time slots for testing, and an admin portal for test lab employees to enable them uploading the test results, minimizing human mistake factor, while keeping the high level of compliance and data security. The application also had to be highly scalable, taking into account the need to serve corporate customers with thousands of employees to be processed.


For more details on the technical implementation of the project, join us on April 22 for the webinar Leveraging Cloud native technologies in healthcare to respond to urgent social needs.


About Spoedtestcorona

Spoedtestcorona, a chain of testing centers offering rapid screening tests for Covid-19 to individuals as well as companies in the Netherlands and Belgium. The company also co-operates with the Dutch government and offers antigen testing at schools across the country. The service provides an extremely reliable rapid test that makes it clear within 15 minutes after the test has been carried out whether there is an infection or not.


About Symphony Solutions

Symphony Solutions is a Cloud and Agile Transformation company, headquartered in the Netherlands, with delivery centers in Ukraine, Poland, Macedonia, and The Netherlands. The newest office in Boston, MA, U.S.A., will serve current and potential clients.