SpotnRides Updates its Uber for X Clone With Revenue-Driven Strategies of On-Demand Services 2021



Get More Revenue from Your On-demand Services in 2021 with the Advanced Strategies of Updated Uber for X Clone from SpotnRides.

Press Release

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To be a part of the growth and deliver high-quality customer experiences, startup owners focussed on the revenue-driven strategies in the app-based business platforms and the customer-centric options. SpotnRides now comes up with the Uber for X clone app solution with such things and it assists the startup owners to register their service in the evergrowing on-demand market in 2021. 

Millennials highly prefer additional strategies like personalization, a wide range of services accessible, online presence, and instant communications. SpotnRides incorporated strategies and designed the outstanding Uber for X clone app with the features of Instant service response, schedule-based service handlings, real-time smart tracking of the service professionals, and the smart payment modules. Besides, the following are incorporated. 

  • Social Media Presence to be strong one by allowing all participants onboarding via social media profiles. This ensured online visibility for new customers.

  • Fee-Collection Strategies enable the service professionals and handlers to collect waiting-time fees, cancellation charges, and ad-banner directly in the app.

  • Increase in Active Hours through the smart location tracker. The traveling period is minimum via short distance prediction and thus service handlers carry more tasks per day that leads to more productivity.

  • Multi-Service Selection makes the service providers integrate multiple services that yield revenue growth easily.

  • Personalization Strategies like in-app communication and offers ensure the build-up of a strong customer base and bring to new customers as well.

“Our main beliefs in the on-demand service industry are streamlining the operations that highly need the suitable applications, simple/smart workflows via digital app platforms always bring the top rank to the services in the on-demand industry. The quality app solutions from SpotnRides fulfill all beliefs in On-demand services and make the service providers register their impact in the on-demand economy easily,” stated by CEO, SpotnRides. Also, he reported that “We are very happy to announce the new update of well-crafted the Uber for X clone app with the revenue-driven strategies to increase the revenue.” 

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