Special Offer at Simulacra Studio: 10% Discount On Digital Booking of Space for Photography and Videography



Simulacra is offering a flat 10% discount on Photography and Videography sessions

Press Release

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London, 10 September 2022: Many of the advertising agencies and creative freelance photographers who have used studio space for rent in London know that Simulacra Studio offers some of the best facilities in this domain. They now have more reasons to choose the studio for their photography and videography sessions as Simulacra is providing a flat 10% discount on online bookings.

The code for the discount is ONLINE10 and it flashes on the studio’s website whenever a visitor lands on the homepage. This concession however, is a limited period privilege and will be provided on a first-come first-served basis.

In their search for London photo film studio hire facilities, crews prefer to book venues that have smoothly functioning cameras with an array of lenses. They also look for high-quality lighting accessories, tripod stands & other photography equipment. Simulacra Studio fulfils all such demands and is therefore a preferred place for any shoot.


Crews can also make an online booking for the Arch Studio that is located close to Brixton Tube and Rail links. It has an area of 2500 square feet overlooked by a 25 feet high ceiling. and a well-furnished makeup room with elegantly designed mirrors, a modified barber’s chair and Hollywood lighting.

The studio has served some well-known brands that include but are not limited to National Geographic, The Times, Vogue, Eurostar & BBC Radio 4.

For new photographers who wish to sharpen their skills, Simulacra Studio periodically organises workshops and trainings that focus on career, portfolio and artist development. By attending these sessions participants can learn enriching technical and creative skills.

In the words of a student who recently participated in a training facilitated by the studio, “I learnt a lot about product photography, fashion photography and headshot photography at Simulacra Studio’s workshops. The trainers taught us the fine nuances of this art and these cannot be grasped from books or online collateral. I would love to conduct my own photo session at Simulacra Studio’s premises soon.”

About Simulacra Studio

Founded by photographer Francois Boutemy and designer Chris Charalambous in 2006, Simulacra Studio has collaborated with numerous clients in the fashion and entertainment industry. The London based studio received a runner-up prize in the highest growth category at The Lambeth Business Awards.

Besides renting out studio space for fashion, editorial and product photography, Simulacra Studio organises regular workshops and trainings for new photographers. The students who enrol for these courses are trained on usage of different camera types, lenses, lighting modulators and graphic editing software.




Contact Information

Address: 302-304 Barrington Road London SW97JJ

E-Mail: [email protected]

Phone: 0207 733 1979

Website: https://www.simulacrastudio.com