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SP Panels is a Liverpool-based manufacturer and seller of aftermarket and original accessories and replacement parts for all Land Rover models.

Press Release

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SP Panels (https://www.sp-4×4.com) is an independent manufacturer of high-quality Land Rover parts and accessories, specialising in body panels and door replacements. Most known for their galvanised Defender doors, they ensure that all their products are made of the best materials and developed through reliable manufacturing processes.

Recently, SP Panels has decided to switch to the hot-dipped galvanising method of producing steel frames for their door replacements from the standard fabrication process. Unlike the original parts, the galvanised ones won’t rust easily and will have a longer lifespan. They believe and are confident that their products are of the most excellent quality. Customers only have to buy once as they will no longer have to repurchase and replace them in the future. They are one of the companies transparent with their manufacturing process, which they have shared on their website.

Aside from body panels and doors, their site offers a wide range of parts and accessories for the Defender, Discovery, and Series II and III models of Land Rover. They carry both original genuine Land Rover parts as well as high-quality aftermarket. Their products include Axles, brakes, chassis parts, electrics, engine parts, interior trims and seatings, suspension equipment, and a whole lot more. They serve as a one-stop-shop for every essential to refurbish a Land Rover. SP Panels strive to continuously manufacture and carry obsolete parts to help their customers’ every need, even if their vehicles are decades old.

They take pride in having skilled and competent craftsmen on the job, producing top-of-the-line Land Rover part replacements from pure passion and hard work. Furthermore, they guarantee that as a small-scale business, their customers can receive high-quality customer service. They aim to cater to every need, solve all related problems and offer only the best deals in the market.

Anyone interested in their products and services can head over to https://www.sp-4×4.com for more information.

About SP Panels

SP Panels is a Liverpool-based manufacturer and seller of aftermarket and original accessories and replacement parts for all Land Rover models. With the passion and expertise of their craftsmen, they have established a reputation as one of the leading producers of high-quality body panels and doors. Currently, they’re the only manufacturer of hot-dipped galvanised steel frames for door replacements. They mainly supply to their local UK customers but also offer international shipping. For enquiries, you can head to their website at https://www.sp-4×4.com and use the live chat function for instant response, or directly send them an email to [email protected]