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    BadgeMags was established by Cheryl Miller after recognising the need for badges and magnets in South Africa.

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    BadgeMags was established by Cheryl Miller after recognising the need for badges and magnets in South Africa. Due to the high demand for badges and magnets from the international community the decision was made to expand the company in order to supply their products internationally. BadgeMags has over 16 years of experience supplying both the International and South African badge and magnet markets with high-quality products at affordable prices. This is how the company established themselves as an internationally renowned badge and magnet supplier.

    Their speciality products include badge magnets, badge pins, re-useable badges and magnets. BadgeMags products are completely customisable to suit your specific application and desired aesthetic.

    They stock a variety of magnets which include Ceramic, Alnico, Samarium Cobalt, Neodymium Iron Boron and flexible which is supplied in the form of magnetic strips or sheeting with either a white coating, a plain coating or an adhesive coating to ensure that the badge is secured properly to your garment. They also stock two kinds of loose magnets Anisotropic Ferrite and Neodymium Rare Earth magnets.

    Button badges are completely customisable and come in three different sizes. Additionally, they stock badge pins in various colours, sizes and finishes to accompany the custom design of your button badge. Therefore, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your button badge.

    BadgeMags stocks three different plates for your custom badge, allowing you to have complete control of the badge design, their metal badge plates come in two shapes disc or plate with plate having the option of an adhesive to secure the badge to your garment properly.

    To learn more about BadgeMags and the other products they have to offer, you can visit them on their official website:

    About BadgeMags:
    BadgeMags are renowned a South African and International badge and magnet supplier who stock a plethora of badge and magnet options. In fact if they cannot manufacture the desired badge you are looking for they will source it from their extensive network of local and international partners in order to fulfil your order.

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