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Fast skip advertisement & commercial while playing video to avoid interruption

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Available on Google play store for all android devices.

Gujarat, Surat 29 January 2021,

Susamp Infotech is excited to announce the launch of a new app that is Skip ads for video stream: Ad block and Ad cleaner, as the name suggests the app provides an easy way of skipping the annoying ads on your video streaming platform YouTube.

Who likes intervention? Almost nobody. Whether it’s a YouTube or any other video streaming platform, we primarily get annoyed when all of sudden in the middle of some video or music, the ads pop up and you have to wait until it gets finish or waits till the Skip Ad button doesn’t show up on your screen for you to skip the ad and continue your stream on YouTube.

But with the Skip ads app you don’t have to bother about all that, the app is designed in such a way that it automatically skips the ads for you without any disturbance or pop up’s, while you are watching your beloved show or listening to music on YouTube.

If we look out at the feature of the app, it automatically starts skipping the ads once you install the app on your smartphone. You can track the number of times the ads got to skip. Trace and set your daily YouTube Usage and activities in month and day wise chart in the app.

The CEO of Susamp Infotech company during the launch said “we are happy to launch such an amazing app, it will make streaming on YouTube simpler and less annoying for the users, who don’t like getting disturbed due to ads. Furthermore, with this app, you can even track your daily YouTube usage and set the timer for how long you want to use the app, and it will notify you once you over go your daily set usage time, easy to use, and go with zero efforts”.

Download the skip ads for video stream: ad blocker and ad cleaner app on your device today and enjoy an uninterrupted ads-free stream.

The app supports the devices having O.S version 5.0 and above, download the app today, and enjoy your ad-free stream today with Skip Ads.