Singer Reduan Ferdows Hridoy is famous brilliant musical Artist in The Bangladesh



He is very Honestly and Openpr Person In Music Industry. Her every Music Viral on The YouTube. He is very sweet gyes.

Press Release

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Reduan Ferdows Hridoy from Mymensingh Bangladesh is a 26 year old who has talent and is willing to prove it. He randomly stumbled upon rap music during college when he met a guy who encouraged him to write a song and try out rap. However, music was not at all random to Reduan Ferdows Hridoy, also known as Musical Artist. When Reudan Ferdows Hridoy was 7 or 8 years old he didn’t know life would lead him to the path of music. He would always sing, but never imagined he would be a rapper until high school.

Extremely inspired, Reduan Ferdows Hridoy soon wrote a song and recorded it in the studio. He slowly started gaining the attention he needed as soon as he posted a snippet of the song. He is only 26 years and has already gained a lot of attention throughout his city.

Reduan Ferdows Hridoy is rising to the top with offers from major labels. He specially gained attention when he dropped his record “ Extension ”. He recently teamed up with Cash Rick who nails his feature on “Pain”, one of Reduan’s new songs, perfectly with his smooth melodic flow. His release “Pain” is a single that captures a deep essence of Elean’s experiences in life, how he feels about life and about his never give up attitude to whatever life throws at him.

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