Singapore Content Marketing Specialist John Teoh Sees Great Future in Video Marketing



Singapore Content Marketing Specialist John Teoh Sees Great Future in Video Marketing

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Singapore, July 18th, 2021- Singapore content marketing specialist John Teoh believes that video marketing is going to dictate the manner in which content will be disseminated by businesses across scale. Says John, “I am not surprised that video content is dominating content dissemination, the way that it is. Video content replicates life itself and this is something that text cannot do with as much impact.”

Video messaging has many times more times impact on a business’s target audience than plain text and that is something that is not lost on marketers. This is especially true of branded video content that has seen phenomenal growth, especially with regard to YouTube and Facebook. Even video tweets tend to be re-tweeted way more than any other kind of tweet.

What, however, is very important for businesses to realize is that they need a video marketing strategy, if they are to derive optimal benefit from video marketing. The fact of the matter is that video content is no longer just a spoke in your content marketing strategy, but the hub of it. That is where it becomes important to consult with experts like John Teoh, who know the process inside out.

Today there are all kinds of videos being leveraged to enhance the customer experience. These include onboarding videos, knowledge providing videos, webinars, grievance redress video calls, videos about customer tales and so on. Businesses really need to understand that there has been a paradigm change in the way that video marketing has come to acquire the top spot in content marketing.

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