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    Press Release

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    Business Name : Shopregifted

    Point of Contact: Jaleesa Webb

    City:  539 W. Commerce #1404 Dallas,

    State: Texas

    Post Code:  TX 75208 

    Country: USA

    Public Number: 972-427-4923

    Email (s): [email protected]

    ShopRegifted is one of the popular online stores in the US market now. The range of high fashion and quality basics at a slashed price are the reasons to create such a thriving resale store. Over the period, the store has reached a wide extent to offer an unbelievable collection of men’s clothes, women’s clothes, kids’ clothes, and accessories. As the shop follows the ‘buyer becomes seller’ concept, the collection gets bigger gradually. After selling the cloth online, you can choose one from the great collection to gift you or your dear ones.

    The range of
    second hand women’s clothing includes branded bags, shoes, shirts, and jeans for men and women. There is a complete kids’ line giving it the title of a convenient family store. The vintage fans can get an unbelievable chance to find a few products that are not available in the market anymore. There are many exclusive clothes and accessories available throughout the year. The additional sizes are in stock according to the market demand. It is to remember that the resale store is accessible exclusively online. 

    The much awaited online resale store adds sense of fashion among varied customers. Now, the buyers and sellers are thrilled to utilize the platform just in the right way. The store is striving to make the service better in the upcoming years. It has come up with the buyer and seller protection policies for strengthening the community further.  

    Moreover, these websites to sell clothes bring enticing discounts and offers to the customers. The best thing is that the sellers already at a slashed price and the discounts are only cherries on the top. Of course, the products are in mint condition when they are sold. If you are a buyer, visit for revamping your wardrobe. 

    About Shopregifted: A Dallas-based clothing store has come up with a unique idea where the buyers can become sellers. The store provides protection to the buyers and sellers. To know more about the online store, visit