Sha’Quan Yahdee Hester Talks About The Importance Of Being True To Yourself



In ‘Take Control of Your Mind, Take Control of Your Life,’ Sha’Quan Yahdee Hester emphasizes the importance of expressing and embracing our truth with courage and authenticity.

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The pursuit of being true to yourself is a lifelong commitment that requires dedication and commitment. You’ll find what’s true for you whenever you listen to your heart. The best way to be true to yourself is, to be honest with yourself about your values, feelings, and wishes. Shaq’uan Yahdee Hester, the author, aims to educate people about how important it is to stay true to yourself.

The author Shaq’uan Yahdee Hester in his book, Take Control of Your Mind, Take Control of Your Life, shares the story of his life, along with the lessons he has learned along the way, from effective communication to the importance of being true to oneself. 

Hester believes that, first and foremost, an individual must establish a strong and trusting relationship with themselves to fully understand and share their truth. At its core, this involves becoming aware of the thoughts, as well as of how one interacts with the world.

To quote an excerpt from the book:

“After you’ve set goals for yourself, what comes next? It may sound ironic, but the next step is to understand that it’s not the destination that matters most; it’s the journey. No matter how much you plan, the truth is you don’t know what your life will look like five, ten, or fifteen years from now.” 

Sha’Quan Yahdee Hester, originally from Newark, New Jersey, has played many roles throughout his life; as a son, friend, entrepreneur, and athlete. Despite growing up in a rough childhood, Sha’Quan quickly realized he held the key to success within himself. As a result of his experiences, he hopes to share what he has learned with others.