Safety Week Jan. 25-29



The release provides information about safety week being celebrated by Killeen Independent School District from January 25 to January 29, 2021.

Press Release

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Killeen, TX/2021: This year’s Killeen Independent School District’s Safety Week reflects heightened awareness of health and safety in the broader community with added focus on cybersecurity, mental health and virus mitigation.

While safety efforts never wane, KISD’s Safety Week January 25 to 29 provides added reminders for students and staff members about strategies designed to ensure safety in daily life.

Looking over campus plans for the week, KISD Director of Investigations and School Safety Chuck Kelley said he liked seeing activities that address preventing bullying and other negative behavior online.

With students so connected virtually, awareness of predators and bullying online has never been more important, he pointed out.

Liberty Hill Middle School is one of nine KISD schools that have earned the Common Sense School recognition aimed at educating teachers, students and parents about staying safe in the digital world, according to a release from Common Sense Education.

“This was the perfect year for our campus to become a Common Sense School,” said Liberty Hill Librarian Rebecca Fay.

“Students are spending more time online due to COVID-19, so educators and parents must remain diligent in helping our kids safely navigate the digital world.”



Maintaining building security, Kelley said, is another important aspect of safety that students and staff should remember with focus on maintaining protocols regarding locked doors and guests signing in and out.

Another broad category of staying safe and healthy is mental health, taking time to learn to reduce stress and seek counseling when needed.

The school district’s annual Safety Week dates back to 1994 and many of the traditional messages remain relevant.




The transportation department’s remote-controlled Buster the Bus has been making school visits since 1998.

During a visit last year at Hay Branch Elementary School, Buster reminded students to arrive at their bus stop at least 5 minutes before the expected pickup time, to avoid standing in the street and to never shove others.

While boarding and riding the bus, students should pay attention to the driver and sit properly with backs against the seat back. They should get off the bus in an orderly manner.

Killeen Police Department patrol and bicycle officers visited Maude Moore Wood Elementary School during Safety Week in 2020.

Officers instructed students to ride on sidewalks or on the right side of the road, wear a helmet and other protective gear and bright reflective clothing.

Other presentations focused on fire safety and the hazards of smoking, vaping and alcohol.