Royal Yachts among the Leading Names to Participate in Dubai’s Extravagant Boat Shows



    If you really wish to relish the boat shows to the fullest in UAE then you don’t have to be worried about anything. As you land in Dubai, UAE, you simply contact Royal Yachts and they will make all the arrangements for you, just the way you want.

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    Dubai – The Right Place for All Sailing Experience

    Dubai is one of the most sought-after destinations in the world for sailors, dealers, and travellers for boat rides and boat shows. In the last two decades, the maritime industry has grown by leaps and bounds in UAE, which has created a perfect atmosphere for various kinds of boat shows and water activities to the satisfaction of the people associated with boating, boat manufacturing, boat renting and boat selling. When we say boat shows, it also includes yachts, superyachts, cruise-liners, and other vessels that offer mesmerising sailing tours to the sailors and sailing enthusiasts.

    Middle East – One of the Leading Maritime Destinations

    The Middle East is the most vibrant marketplace for pleasure boats, yachts, and superyachts, inviting yacht and superyacht owners and dealers from every part of the world to showcase their extravagantly designed vessels in the events dedicated to displaying of vessels organised there from time to time. The UAE is also a hub for maritime commerce. Globally, the yachting industry is showing a continuous upward trend, hence events are a natural process for dealers and sailors to keep themselves abreast of the development in industry, promoting their growth and people’s awareness. The boat shows are a platform that showcases quality vessels at affordable prices in the most happening events for the prospective buyers, sellers and dealers.

    UAE – an Excellent Destination for Boat Shows

    The success of boat shows and yacht festivals in the UAE that keeps taking place throughout the year is a testimony to the growing interest of the local and international event participants, exhibitors and organisers. The continuous increase in the number of sailing aficionados is inspiring the industry to initiate various development plans in the region that include Sea Dubai, the Dubai Harbour megaproject, and Dubai Properties’ over a 7.4km stretch along the Dubai Water Canal. All of these are a relentless effort to strengthen the position of the UAE as a leading maritime destination.

    Royal Yachts Caters to Every Sailing Demands in Dubai, UAE

    Royal Yachts, one of the prominent luxury yacht companies in Dubai is among the leading names that participate in every event to showcase their fleet of locally and internationally built vessels for the delight of its buyers and renters. In every event in UAE, the company puts on display some of its most luxuriously designed vessels well-equipped with a gamut of excellently planned hospitality services. You can choose from its wide selection of extravagant vessels, aesthetically adorned to meet the diverse demand of its guests.