Revolutionizing Corporate Training: CleverLMS Unveils Tailored Solutions for Businesses



Corporate education requires clearness, usability, and good organization.

Press Release

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Corporate education requires clearness, usability, and good organization. Platforms should motivate and connect with their courses and educational materials while remaining simple and concordant with the businesses’ brands and workflows. CleverLMS solutions are specifically designed for that, not to be overly complicated with clumsy tools.


A world where the information doubles almost every two years, and new technologies and services emerge each day can be both a bunch of opportunities – and a deadly danger for those who’ll miss them. Therefore, it’s important to empower the company with a learning tool to catch these opportunities and avoid being lost in this ocean of data. 


It ensures its employees are sufficiently skilled and utilize the most suitable work approaches and services to maximize efficiency. Everything irrelevant to the company’s workflow should be put away to avoid expenses and losses. Such a tool also enhances the innovational activity, as employees share their knowledge and generate new ideas, optimizing the company.


This is where CleverLMS enters the game and takes its place. Let’s see how. 

CleverLMS Features: Nothing Excess, Only Clever

It has everything a business needs to turn challenges into opportunities and make it smarter.

  • Course creation and organization for mentors and managers.
  • Interactive learning journeys to track course progress
  • Ratings and the reward store maintain employee motivation and enable companies to reward the best-performing ones.
  • Task scheduler and event planner to design and organize workflows.
  • Communication platform to post news, ideas, and exchange experience.
  • Knowledge base to share learning materials and valuable files
  • High customization enables the customer to create their own app, choosing only necessary functions and having their branding.


CleverLMS brings companies only what they need to enhance their employees’ work quality, collaboration efficiency, and well-being. Nothing extra, which would make the tool clumsier and more expensive. So, all of this costs no more than $5/month per user and installs in several hours.

Scaling, Spreading, and Empowering!

The company, which has all of its workers interconnected on its own platform, customized to its needs, ensures flawless information exchange between workers in various locations and even countries. It guarantees remote teams’ efficiency and concordant work of various departments and workplaces, such as shops, workshops, offices, and manufacturers.


CleverLMS removes limits of distances and borders by organizing workers’ mobile education and communication. The case of ECCO shows it clearly, as the company obtained the tool to connect its more than 200 stores and 2,000 employees, training them, tracking their KPIs, and sending feedback on how to improve them. So, the company acts as one organism without coercion, ensuring everyone, from salespeople to top managers, earns their profits and remains happy!