Resort De Coracao All Set To Unveil Everything Better Than The Best!



    Resort De Coracao All Set To Unveil Everything Better Than The Best!

    Press Release

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    28’11’19, Nainital: Out of all the Jim Corbett Park Hotels, there are only a few popular for their hospitality, Resort De Coracao has managed to sustain their position. It is a chain of hotels that made its presence felt in two locations majorly- Jim Corbett and Calangute.


    Now they, to climb the ladder up, have revamped the look, ambience, added more delicacies, chefs from around the world and much more. Ready to unveil the same soon, when asked, the stakeholders said, “Even though guests were giving us good feedback, we were satisfied with the way we were working, we never wanted to stop. So, we thought why not come up with something that no one expected? So, we decided to make the best better. ”


    The manager of the hotel added,”We firstly objected the idea of the stakeholders as we were apprehensive if this will make it better or take the business down. But, now that it is done, we are sure that staying in our hotel will feel nothing less than heaven full of luxury to the guests now! ”


    The hotel offers a realm of amenities, cuisines, halls, beauty, wellness, games area, DJ, swimming pool and a lot more already. After and before the visitors come from the bumpy safari rides, they get the kind of relaxation that they need. We also asked the guests about it ad they said that if we happen to come to Jim Corbett again, we will give no second thoughts and come here to stay. Trust us, there is nothing better in the Jim Corbett Park hotels than coming back to such a warm and comforting staff and rooms.


    They have already received a certificate of excellence from Tripadvisor that speaks volumes about their services and hotel. We are eagerly waiting just like you for the time when the curtain will be turned down. They have been also getting top rating from the guests for the work they do. Let us see what can be better than what they already have.