Rental Housing In Killeen, TX



The release discusses about rental houses offered by Linnemann Realty in Killeen, TX. It further highlights reasons for choosing the company and other services provided by it.

Press Release

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Killeen, TX/ 2019: If you are looking for quality rental housing options in Killeen, TX; visit Linnemann Realty for guidance and assistance. The company is known for its well-qualified and experienced team of professionals who provide assistance in looking for affordable and quality rental housing in the area.

The company’s mission is to help its customers in finding suitable rental properties as per their individual requirements. Clients are guided through changing market scenarios and helped to rent affordable yet well-maintained properties.

Rental Housing

  • The company provides an online listing of rental housing options in the area. Prospective tenants get to choose from a list of rental housing options to suit their budget, family size, lifestyle requirements, safety, distance from work, nearby amenities and more.

  • Each online listing has a customer care number next to it for detailed information on the rental house or for fixing an appointment to view the property.

  • Some of the features provided in various rental houses are central heating, air conditioning, the latest safety measures, vaulted ceilings, wall to wall carpeting, fenced yards and so on.

Reasons For Choosing The Company

  • It provides great customer care.

  • Has online listings on its website with detailed information on every property.

  • Offers convenient modes of rent payment e.g. personal check, credit card, cashier’s check, online payment and more.

  • Provides after hour emergency services to renters.

  • Clients enjoy 24 hour access to their accounts.

  • The properties are clean and spacious.

  • The company enjoys active membership with local associations.

Other Services

  • Preventive Maintenance Program.

  • Property management services for all types of properties i.e. small commercial buildings, single family homes, duplexes and fourplexes.

For more information on rental housing options provided by Linnemann Realty in Killeen, TX, feel free to call at (254) 628 – 9272 or visit 3402 South W.S. Young Dr. Killeen, TX – 76542. You can also log on to