Reliaable Developers: Pioneering Excellence in Bangalore Real Estate Since 1999



Established in 1999 by Dr. Rama Reddy and Mr. H.P. Rama Reddy, Reliaable Developers stands as a pioneering force in Bangalore's real estate scene.

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The  current leadership  includes  Dr.  Rama  Reddy  and  Dr.  Mahendra  Reddy.  Dr.  Mahendra Reddy, son  of  Mr.  H.P.  Rama  Reddy,  brings  a  unique  perspective,  having  practiced  as  a nephrologist  in the USA and now contributing to the evolution of Reliaable Developers in the Indian real estate market.

Our second-tier management comprising finance, sales, and marketing experts, reflects a fresh collaboration with seasoned professionals from the renowned real estate brands. Reliaable  represents  a  fusion  of  legacy,  expertise,  and  diverse  talents  in  real  estate ensuring both the company  and its operations are in capable hands.

In  Bangalore,  Reliaable  stands  out  as  the  exclusive  provider  of  BDA-approved plots, a tradition  we’ve  upheld  since  our  first  project.  The  journey  encapsulates  a  saga  of resilience,   adaptability   and   a   relentless   pursuit   of   quality   and  consistency  in  the ever-evolving  real  estate  landscape.   Throughout  the  years  ,  the  company  has  become synonymous  with  top-quality  urban  and  luxury  living  spaces,  having  developed  more than   15,000   BDA-approved   plots   in   the   most   promising   real   estate   hotspots   of Bangalore.  Reliaable  is  dedicated  and  is able to   deliver both value and projects within specified timelines.

Notably,  our  initial  projects  on  Harlur  Road  connected  it  to  HSR  Layout,  enhancing accessibility  and  contributing  to  remarkable  appreciation—exceeding even the value of gold. We began with BDA specialization for maximum appreciation, and today, we stick to    the    same    values    —    offering    BDA-approved    plots    with    great    appreciation opportunities.

Our  steadfast  commitment  continues  —  we  exclusively  pursue  BDA  approval  for  our projects.  Why?  Because  BDA  approved  plots  are  planned  and  hence  ensures  optimal appreciation, wider roads, proximity to the core city and IT hub, expansive green spaces, impressive   presentation,   and   consequently,   enhanced   growth   opportunities.   BDA approval secures investments, guarantees ownership and simplifies the buying process, ensuring a seamless experience.

As  Bangalore  undergoes  constant  transformation,  Reliaable  remains  at  the  forefront, setting  benchmarks  in  the  industry.  The  legacy  of  the  company  is  not  merely  in  its structures  but  in  the  relationships  it  has  forged  and  the  communities  it  has built over the years.

Reliaable’s vision for the next decade involves a recalibration of the organization. Ready to tackle the challenges of a new era, we aim to future-proof our operations, adapting to the  changing  business  and  real  estate  landscape.  Our  focus is on meeting the needs of the emerging generation of plot buyers stepping into the market.



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