RedChimpz launch AR & VR toys for preschoolers and schoolers



    Right from alphabets to basic coding, the company is efficient to develop remarkable learning toys like Flashcards for kids. It has ranked amongst top leading games making company. With the dedicated team and best in class technology, the company is delivering unmatched learning solutions to many educational institutions and systems.

    Press Release

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    Gurgaon, September 16, 2019. RedChimpz is the leading player in designing and developing spectacular learning games and educational toys with up-to-a-minute technology. These child-centric toys have the potential to bring out the skills and thinking abilities that otherwise not possible with traditional learning. These scientific toys inspire and encourage kids to plan, think and play to chase and win the game. The company reveals that AR toys have made curriculum learning easy and understandable for young learners. These games are highly innovative, accessible and trusted source of knowledge.

    These Flashcards for kids allow them to interact with the reality world, discover their interest, identify the objects and practice problem-solving skills. These AR/VR toys are like learning opportunities that enhance cognitive skills, logical and reasoning power, comprehend and language, imagination and creativity and so forth.

    For the healthy development of a child, it becomes imperative to introduce a comprehensive learning method like these flashcards for kids. It brings endless opportunities to explore the environment by making the senses active all the time. This integrated technique of learning helps in understanding the topics from simple to complex and from kindergarten to higher education.

    The company has offered four categories including Wild Animals, Aquatic Animals, Birds and Insects that gives a stimulating experience to little children. Through this, kids are allowed to identify and understand the creatures and their habitat respectively. The company believes that by introducing these AR toys at an early stage will create a solid foundation and elementary skills in the learners.