Reach Your Business Goals With Automated Metrics’ Data Analytics Services



    Automated Metrics offer KPI reporting and data analytics for car dealers, letting them monitor if they have reached their monthly targets.

    Press Release

    Automated Metrics ( proudly offer their data analytics for car dealers services to all car automotive owners and entrepreneurs. With their services, everyone can improve their daily sales and exceed their monthly targets.

    This company offers comprehensive and affordable data analytics for automotive dealerships, which is designed to help car dealers make their operations more efficient, productive, and time-sensitive. Their software comes with a long list of features, including live support, unlimited users, live reports, KPI performances, used car sales, stock performance, and a lot more. With price ranges as low as £199, everyone can enjoy the benefits of having this software. From identifying shortfalls in booking, scheduling workshops to checking underperforming stock, improving daily performance, and more, this is something that will help businesses improve their overall status.

    Those who are interested in acquiring Automated Metrics services get toenjoy a 30 day-long free trial with no hidden cost, and without credit cards required. They can also book a live demo and a 30-minute long consultation free of charge with no cancellation charges and obligatory contract. All they need to do is reach out to Automated Metrics, and a Zoom meeting link will be sent to them. Most importantly, for the convenience of their potential clients, they can have the freedom to choose their preferred schedule and time.

    Over the years, Automated Metrics has been very passionate about helping car dealers reach their goals. This is through tracking their key performance indicators throughout the day and highlights cashflow and revenue opportunities. As a result, they have built a long list of satisfied and loyal clients. One of their previous clients, Rebecca Doyle, said: “Our industry has awakened, and our dream is now our reality with Automated Metrics. The clunky extracting of data from various reports is now in the past. Automated Metrics is not only a key management business tool but a platform for our front-line staff, improving daily budgeting and target reviews. It is the perfect fit for our business needs”.

    About Automated Metrics

    Automated Metrics offer KPI reporting and data analytics for car dealers, letting them monitor if they have reached their monthly targets. With this, they can monitor work in progress, future booking level, throughput levels, stock performance and profile, and more. On average, Automated Metrics clients resport a 20-30% increase in sales. Whether you are a start-up automotive shop owner or an established car dealer, this company is more than willing to help you reach success. If you have any questions or you are interested in acquiring their services, feel free to contact one of their representatives at 02890 538252 or send them an email at [email protected]