RailRestro Integrates Live Station Feature: Check the Trains Status Online



    RailRestro has integrated a live station feature in it's app which helps the travelers to know about the arrival and departure of trains on a particular station. Just login to RailRestro app and check the functionality for accurate data.

    Press Release

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    RailRestro is one of the leading brands in the field of delivering online food in train. The company was started with the aim of food delivery in train and it has achieved a grand success in this sector. When the company realized its great success to satiate the taste of the travelers during their train journey, it decided to enhance the business. So, it added four extra railways’ related services in its business bucket. The company expanded its industry by introducing the more services including Checking PNR status, Train Live Running Status, Live Station and Train Schedule. Apart from ordering food, live station is also one of the frequently availed services of RailRestro which informs about the arrival and departure of trains in next two, four and eight hours. RailRestro live station feature updates the passengers’ about the next train which they can board to reach the destination. It informs about the trains which will depart in next 8 hours. Passenger just needs to mention the location of boarding and debording station and our AI-integrated app will display the list of trains arriving or about to depart in next 8 hours.

    Live Station feature is really proving itself as a boon on the ground of railway inquiry services. It has gained an unexpected popularity which receives a high traffic by the visitors. The feature has been designed by keeping in mind that how it will help people to board the train who already have planned to return on same day or who have missed their train. Generally, business person plans a return tour. Being one of the leading e-commerce food delivery companies in Railway sector, RailRestro never miss a chance to assist its service users. Whenever, a person uses the live station feature, it keeps them updated with all the related information of live station feature. Mr. Manish Chandra, CEO of RailRestro felt overwhelmed when he spotted the number of visitors who availed this service. He said “I never had idea that launching this service will achieve such appraisal in this short period. I am thankful to the passengers who had explored our app and availed the feature.” he added.Travelers can check the trains for their preferred places in next 8 hours and can book the tickets.