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Q-Lux Studios provides high-quality visualisation and rendering services for clients, mainly in the architectural, interior, and cinematic industries.

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Q-Lux Studios provides top-of-the-line architectural visualization services, mainly for the interior, cinematic, and architecture industries. They develop captivating and efficient visuals using advanced computer-generated imageries (CGIs), improving designs and digitally visualising infrastructural project proposals. In this way, their services enable clients gain planning permissions or customer approval to secure a contract.

They provide this service to satisfy various needs. Aside from helping clients win contracts, they also extend their services to help them expand their portfolio, thereby attracting new investors or customers. Another benefit clients get from their services is that they can satisfy the needs of clients to minimise costs. They can project possible complications during the construction of a project, and because of that, they can provide a solution to fix these problems. And as they can foresee issues, they can make clients see the final result of the project. They combine visualisation with virtual reality, so together with their clients, they can freely explore the project, experiencing its ambience and seeing its features even before the project has been given the green light for construction.

Q-Lux Studios understands why the work of architects is crucial to any construction project. This is why why they render their services to help them create outstanding realistic visualisations. According to them: “Architects must remain attentive to the environment on a structure’s site, including weather conditions, nearby landforms, and bodies of water. Information about the immediate surrounding area is invaluable in designing the building, so that the builders make use of suitable materials to ensure the durability of the structure.”

Aside from architectural visualisation, Q-Lux Studios has more services to offer. They also provide architectural rendering. This service converts 3D models into high-resolution, realistic images by adding lighting, texture, and colour for clients to see what their project will look like in the end. Another service they offer is architectural animation.

They also provide VR/AR services, which are among the most sought after technologies nowadays. These services allow clients to explore new ideas and concepts digitally. Lastly, they also develop unique product designs for businesses that create innovations to help improve daily routines and lifestyles.

For more information about Q-Lux Studios, visit their website at https://qluxstudio.com.

About Q-Lux Studios

Q-Lux Studios provides high-quality visualisation and rendering services for clients, mainly in the architectural, interior, and cinematic industries. They also offer animation, product design, augmented reality and virtual reality services for those who want their projects to win bids, receive permits, and be executed effectively.  To learn more about their services, you may visit their website at https://qluxstudio.com. For inquiries, you may send them a message by filling up their contact form at https://qluxstudio.com/contact.