Pureshowers.co.uk Announces New Giveaway with Its Biggest Ever Prize Pool



Pureshowers.co.uk Announces New Giveaway with Its Biggest Ever Prize Pool

Press Release

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London, JULY 2021 – It’s competition time at PureShowers.co.uk and this year they are giving away their biggest ever prize pool in their annual Shower Filter competition.

This year PureShowers.co.uk will be giving to one lucky person the chance of a prize of either 1 Years Supply Package of Shower Filters and Shower Filter Cartridges or the equivalent as a cash prize of 50GBP.

The 1 Year Supply Package of Shower Filters will consist of any one shower filter from the large selection of shower heads with water filters or inline shower filters available from the PureShowers.co.uk website.  This shower filter or shower head filter will then be included with enough additional shower filter cartridges to last the winner 1 whole year.

As an additional choice for a prize, entrants can actually forego the contest prize package and opt instead to receive the cash value of the prize in hard cold cash.

Ty Lee, the marketing executive at PureShowers.co.uk has said: “With thousands of entries from our last competition we decided to up the ante this year and instead of just offering a single shower head or shower filter from our store as a prize, we wanted to offer punters the chance of being able to shower in crystal clear, filtered shower water for an entire year.

Also, we know that it has been a tough couple of years for many people. So, we also wanted to offer a cash prize of 50GBP, if people wanted to take the value of the prize in money instead.”

Entering the competition is simple and there are up to 11 ways to enter. From signing up to the PureShowers.co.uk newsletter, which will allow for 15 entries.  To doing things like visiting the PureShowers.co.uk Facebook page or their Instagram page, which will allow for 10 entries each action. All prospective winners need to do is visit the competition page on the PureShowers.co.uk website which can be found here: https://www.pureshowers.co.uk/competition

Entries close 17th of July and all the terms and conditions can be found on the PureShowers.co.uk website.  The lucky winner will be notified by email.


About The Company:

Since 2008, PureShowers.co.uk have been retailing Shower Heads with water filters in them and Shower Filters online exclusively via their website. As the name suggests a shower filter is a water filter that can be fitted in a shower and it will remove contaminants from water such as; chemicals, chlorine, heavy metals, limescale, bacteria, rust, chloramines amongst other impurities. By filtering out these contaminants, shower water will feel softer and showering in filtered water promotes healthier skin and hair.