Pros and Cons for The Howitzer Game.



    In this press release, we discuss the pros and cons of the recently launched casual game "The Howitzer".Overall the game is perfect in its Design and Game Play. The developer must have done research before making this game. Because this game includes some logic of physics into it.

    Press Release

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    It’s a nice day folks!

    We have recently started analyzing some games for our users so that they can check the game quality and features before downloading or purchasing the game. We test the game thoroughly based on many markers and based on that provide our rating to ensure that the right and true feedback reaches our users.

    The game we will be digging into is “The Howitzer – Sling Shot Adventure”. It’s a recent game launch for Android devices and iOs based devices by Techy Mau Game Studios. The best feature is that they do cover all the tablets so unlike many other games, tablet users can enjoy the game too. Game is built on latest technology and is performing well on older versions and low end devices too. Below are mentioned factors which you should consider before downloading the game. Check them out.


    Team has really done a good job on the design perspective and it seems that every single level is designed with much research and keeping in mind that every user can clear it. It does not mean that the levels are pretty easy to clear, but that if you use bit of physics logic into game play the hard levels can be cleared too.

    Game Play:

    The most important segment in rating a game is its game-play and engagement of users in game-play. Team has done a good amount of work and coding to make the game-play smooth. Every level is with increasing difficulty but developers have given ways like Bouncing Pads and re-directors to clear the level.

    User Base:

    The game is with the rating of 3+ years age, so even the kids can play the game, and the game will increase creativity and their control over physics and calculations. Also the game can be played by adults as it is entertaining and challenging. Game Studio has used the common sling shot mechanism but put it in a story-line where there is a rivalry between the boxes and balls.


    The best part about the game is that it is totally free to download and play. There is a store inside the game which allows you to purchase different types of balls which are more damaging and with special abilities, but that you can purchase without spending a penny.


    Good news to all the gamers. While we were publishing this article a new update has rolled out. Many new interesting features are introduced.
    So, in the ending note, I can suggest that there are many more updates rolling out soon, which includes new UI, new friends leaderboard and much more.

    Stay tuned with us !!

    Techy Mau Game Studios Inc.