Photos by Shiva: Your Photographer Of Choice For Quality Family Photos



    Photos By Shiva is your go-to photographer whether you need beautifully captured of your newborn baby, pets, or the whole family.

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    Photos by Shiva (, one of the UK’s most brilliant photographers, specialises in helping families capture their most intimate moments through quality photography services. This expert has been in the business for many years, with more and more clients trusting her when it comes to stunning family photographs.

    When booking a family photoshoot Crawley based with Photos by Shiva, a non-refundable fee of £99 will be needed to secure it. This will be used to cover travel expenses and the work of the photographer, which includes the capturing and editing of photos. By using the best equipment, families can be photographed in the best light against an outdoor and natural background. Subjects can also use props when necessary or if the photoshoot theme allows for it.

    It’s also worth taking note that this photographer doesn’t just offer digital packages, but hard copies as well. Photos by Shiva is currently partnered with some of the best print labs in the industry. This allows them to produce images considered as timeless art pieces that can be passed down to the next generation, which are truly ideal to be framed or put on display.

    Photos by Shiva ensures to provide not only wonderful photos to clients but also that she captures the best emotions in the subjects involved. This way, she can always offer a great and memorable family photoshoot to those who need it. According to this photographer, “My love and passion for photography began many years ago, developing as a creative and therapeutic outlet. I have studied various avenues of photography including portrait and natural light photography. However since becoming an Auntie many times over, I discovered my niche for newborn and family portraiture”.

    Those interested in working with Photos by Shiva can browse this expert’s gallery of outdoor family photos at, where some of her most stunning family photographs to date can be viewed.

    About Photos by Shiva

    Photos By Shiva is your go-to photographer whether you need beautifully captured of your newborn baby, pets, or the whole family. With the skills, knowledge, and equipment of this expert, having stunning pictures that you can treasure for a long time can now be done without too much hassle. This photographer is also committed to offering the best customer service possible by making everyone’s photoshoot experience relaxing, warm, and memorable. For your enquiries, simply head over to to fill out a contact form. If you have written concerns, you may send them to their email at [email protected].