Packing Your Backpack for Everest Base Camp Trek



    Well, going for a ebc trek is going to be much more helpful if you have pre planned the ebc packing list.

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    Nothing beats on backpacking in Everest Base Camp you get the chance. Thus, you probably need to know what to include in your everest base camp packing list.

    Millions of people head off to Everest on a trip each year. Having done it twice, I can tell you it will be among the best times of your life. That being said, you have to take a few things with you. You do not need to carry obvious things as it will be provided by the travel agency.

    Everest is in another planet. In the event that you forget it here I mention this because you must keep in mind you’ll not be able to buy everything there. The very first time folks go backpacking in EBC, they are inclined to completely overdue it.

    The items to pack are clothes. Depending on where you are going, you may need clothing for warm weather or cold. You will need a couple of shirts that are resistant. Others will be bought by you there, so don’t pack ten. Additionally you will need a pair of shorts and a bathing suit. You’ll require a pair of pants to get to lots of them, if you plan on visiting local village and museums. Pack something light that is wrinkle resistant.

    Since they don’t take much space for the feet, you are able to load up on socks. You’ll need then and a pair of heels a set of something comfy. Hiking boots are preferred by some, but I went with cross trainers. No matter what you do, be sure to get used before heading off.

    On the personal front, you will need a brush, toothpaste and some other needs that are medicinal. That is it. It’s possible to buy anything you need as you need it. There’s to lugging shampoo all over 11, zero purpose. Murphy’s law says it’s going to open on your backpack! Keep it super easy.

    People may read. As a consequence, that you can purchase guidebooks over there. Consider the guidebook for the FIRST camp, if you’re planning to visit three or four locations. You can pick up others over there or trade with other backpackers. Guidebooks are heavy and this can save you the aggravation of hauling them. Also, lodges are everywhere, so unless you truly have a need, that you do not have to bring a notebook.

    Maintain copies of your passport and any supporting documentation with you. 1 set goes on your backpack while the other goes on your shorts or wherever you have room.

    Pack light. If you forget something, you can purchase it over there. Take a blast!