OrwellandCo. Connects Agencies with Expert Insights in Key Industries



A leading expert community platform, today introduced its enlargement to the United States and United Kingdom markets, allowing companies in these areas to get connected to a curated pool of vetted specialists across diverse industries, consisting of automotive, manufacturing, energy, logistics, healthcare/pharma, and financial.

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Bridging the Gap Between Companies and Expertise

OrwellandCo. Acts as a relied-on bridge among corporations looking for specialized consultancy and a network of exceptionally qualified specialists. The company’s rigorous vetting manner ensures customers hook up with the maximum applicable and qualified specialists for their specific wishes, saving their valuable time and resources.

Discovering the Wealth of Enterprise Insights

Past professional connections, OrwellandCo. Is going similarly via imparting comprehensive industry surveys and in-intensity market insights. These valuable records empower agencies to make informed decisions, stay ahead of traits, and benefit an aggressive area.

Quote from Syed Rooshan Mousavi & Sardar Hamza Shafqat Co-founders, OrwellandCo:

“We’re pleased to deliver OrwellandCo.’s unique expert-matching platform to the US and United Kingdom markets,” stated Rooshan Mousavi & Sardar Hamza Shafqat, Co-founders of OrwellandCo. “through connecting groups with the proper specialists and presenting valuable business insights, we empower them to attain their strategic desires and navigate the ever-evolving business era.”

Key Benefits for Businesses are the Use of OrwellandCo

  • Get connected to a socking great network of pre-vetted experts throughout numerous industries.
  • Streamlined expert matching method based on precise needs and budget.
  • Complete industry surveys and market insights to inform decision-making.
  • Cost-effective solution as compared to traditional consulting firms.

OrwellandCo. Is poised to revolutionize the way organizations get the right of entry to professional solutions and navigate complicated enterprise challenges. With its dedication to high quality, performance, and customer fulfillment, the platform is expected to grow to be a cross-to resource for companies throughout numerous sectors inside the US and the United Kingdom.

About OrwellandCo

OrwellandCo. Is a leading expert network platform connecting businesses with pre-vetted experts across diverse industries. The enterprise aims to empower corporations with the aid of presenting them with the proper information and insights to acquire their goals and stand tall within the competitive marketplace.

Contact: Syed Rooshan Mousavi & Sardar Hamza Shafqat: Co-Founders

Email [email protected]

Address:  15 bay 37th street apt 2, Brooklyn New York City New york.