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    Ortho 1 Clinics provide exclusive lingual orthodontic treatment for adults who dream of getting the smile of their dream back. They help you explore this relatively unknown lingual orthodontic treatment option in Lebanon and share with you all the facts that help you make an informed decision.

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    Lingual orthodontic treatment is one of the many types of fixed orthodontic treatment appliances available to patients that need a sweet smile. As the numbers of adult patients seek orthodontic treatment are increasing rapidly, the demand for aesthetic orthodontics has been increased to a great extent. Ortho 1 Clinics introduce one of the most useful lingual orthodontic treatments for clients in Lebanon. Their lingual treatment can correct most orthodontic problems that include malposition of teeth, anteroposterior discrepancies, and pre-prosthetic surgical cases. Ortho 1 Clinics is backed by lingual orthodontic treatment experts that provide comprehensive treatment to enhance your facial aesthetics. They use specially designed brackets suitable to be placed and bonded to the lingual surfaces of your teeth.

    Lingual orthodontic treatments are an attractive option for those who want to avoid the look of braces. If you’re an adult and prefer not to have the conventional visible appliances, then you can trust Ortho 1 Clinics to have the lingual orthodontic treatment (lingual braces) in Lebanon. Their orthodontic practitioner makes the entire process easy and never makes you feel difficulties in the insertion and handling of these appliances. Also, they achieve one hundred percent accuracy in setting the lingual braces and positioning the brackets irrespective of the anatomical variations in the lingual surfaces. Also, the brackets they use won’t cause a change in tooth morphology in the future, as well.

    “With the increasing number of adult patients, the lingual orthodontic treatment has become a treatment of choice due to its aesthetic appeal for most adults. Depending on your case, you may also be a good candidate for lingual orthodontic treatments. We assess your teeth and bite to help figure out which treatment method can give you your best smile. Our lingual orthodontic treatment in Lebanon entirely depends on advanced technology related to appliance design and laboratory procedures. We provide entirely custom solutions that have been made in our dental laboratory to fit your teeth perfectly. The appliance we use is suitable for most orthodontic patients and is the best choice for adult patients who reject conventional visible appliances for social or professional reasons and demands esthetics. Also, the customized lingual brackets we use may be associated with less pain than pre-fabricated. Only a specialist orthodontist can offer you all available treatment alternatives and discuss the relative merits and costs of each option. We strictly adhere to our best practice resulting in most effective treatment and a solution to the shape of your teeth that will last for a lifetime!” Say a spokesperson for Ortho 1 Clinics .