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    Wadi Rum Bubble is Best Travel Company In Jordan.

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    Wadi Rum is an amazing valley formed by the sandstones in the deserts of Jordan.Wadi Rum desert tours are now a thing and justifiably so.

    The genuine attraction of Wadi Rum is the desert itself, best seen by four-wheel drive, pick-up truck or on a camel. Some visitors only spend a few hours in the Wadi, but it’s definitely worth taking a guided trip of several days duration, staying overnight in at Wadi Rum night camps in the desert. Four-wheel drives are less bumpy than the open-air pick-up trucks, but the latter have advantages when it comes to taking photos.

    What you should most definitely do when in Wadi Rum is stay at desert resorts of Wadi Rum because the luxury and experiences offered by these places are something to die for.

    Of course you should stay at the best camp in Wadi Rum because the best one offers unique experiences which noone else will possibly be able to offer. Yes of course we are talking about the Wadi Rum Bubble Luxotel.

    Bubble Luxotel, Wadi Rum is a unique representation of camps of Wadi Rum for those who would like to spend the night under the stars. Every moment of your journey is important for us and we want to be sure you that you have all the information that you need to enjoy your stay at Bubble Luxotel ,Wadi Rum.

    Wadi Rum hotels allow you to have a unique experience of immersing yourself within the beauty and tranquility of nature. Here you can escape the noise of the outside world and enjoy star gazing from the comfort of your tent on a romantic break.

    Our several options include Bubble Suite King, Bubble Twin Suite as well as Family Bubble tents.

    Come visit Wadi Rum, contact us through our Instagram handle, Twitter handle or Facebook page and experience Wadi Rum’s best.



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