NVSTly Launches Free Social Investing Platform Integrated with Discord



NVSTly has launched v2.2 of its social investing platform, now accessible via web browsers and mobile devices through Google Play and the iOS App Store.

Press Release

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NVSTly has launched v2.2 of its social investing platform, now accessible via web browsers and mobile devices through Google Play and the iOS App Store. Unlike many other trading apps, NVSTly offers its features completely free, without any paywalls or hidden fees, making it accessible to traders of all experience levels.

Integration and Accessibility

NVSTly distinguishes itself as the only social investing platform fully integrated with Discord. This unique feature allows users to perform nearly all functions available on the app directly within Discord through an innovative app and bot, creating a seamless trading experience.

Key Features:

Real-Time Trade Tracking and Sharing: Track, share, or copy trades with detailed insights and performance statistics.
Market Support: Supports trading in stocks, options, and over 25 cryptocurrency exchanges, with futures and forex support coming soon.
Trade Insight UI: Each trade has its own interface displaying all related events, real-time asset data, and a POV Chart marking key trading actions.
Global Trades Feed: A real-time feed showcasing trades from all users, with filters for trades from followed traders, top trades, specific tickers, and more.
Global Leaderboards: Rankings of top traders across various markets, with customizable filters.
Follow and Notification System: Follow traders and receive real-time notifications of their trades.
Brokerage Integration: Automated tracking and sharing of trades executed within brokers, with cryptocurrency exchange integration forthcoming.
Automated Trade Sharing: Instant sharing of trades to social media platforms like X/Twitter and Discord.
Future Goals: Plans for 1-click copy trading and enhancements to trader dashboards, displaying comprehensive trade history and performance metrics.

Commitment to Innovation

NVSTly aims to provide a superior trading experience by combining advanced technology with user-friendly design. The platform’s integration with Discord offers unmatched convenience and connectivity for traders, setting a new benchmark in social investing.

Access and Community

Experience the future of social trading with NVSTly by visiting nvstly.com to sign up and start trading for free. The app is available for download on Google Play and the iOS App Store. Join the community of traders on Discord.
Check It Out

Web: https://nvstly.com
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ly.nvst.android
iOS App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/nvstly-social-investing/id6475617649

For more information, please contact:

Rich W.
NVSTly Public Relations
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 347-NVSTLY4
Website: nvstly.com

About NVSTly

NVSTly is a free social investing platform that empowers traders with real-time trade tracking, sharing, and detailed insights. Integrated with Discord, NVSTly offers a unique and engaging trading experience, supported by a dedicated community of knowledgeable traders and advanced analytical tools.

Follow on social media:

X/Twitter: @nvstly
Linkedin: NVSTly
Discord: discord.gg/nvstly

For additional details, visit nvstly.com or contact the support team at [email protected].