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    North East IT Support is a sole trader company that offers reliable IT solutions for home and office users, as well as small and medium businesses.

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    North East IT Support ( is a sole trader business that offers high-quality IT support and computer repairs Newcastle based services for customers in the North East. This expert’s services are ideal for any small or medium-sized companies, as well as individual home and office users who need technical assistance.

    Clients who need to upgrade their processes can rely on North East IT Support to set up everything that they require. He can handle the installation of operating systems for computers, setting them up to meet the client’s needs and fixing any problems that may arise. The installation of some of the most useful programs out there, like Office 365 software and Microsoft Exchange, is also included in this service.

    In addition, this expert can help make businesses more efficient by setting up computer networking equipment like network attached storage, routers, and switches. The PC network can be configured as desired, and data can be accessed either centrally or through each individual machine. If the client encounters any issues with connectivity to the Internet or across the network, these can easily be diagnosed and fixed. Most of this computer networking equipment comes with 12 months of warranty, and should they malfunction, any returns and replacements will be taken care of. For extra security, he can set up cloud services, storing the client’s data online as a backup in the event of a hardware disaster.

    Should clients encounter any issues with their PCs or laptops, North East IT Support’s comprehensive computer repairs service is readily available. This expert can take care of a wide range of issues, including operating system problems, software problems, user account issues, motherboard and memory upgrades, and many more. The repairs are carried out as fast and effective as possible to minimise the downtime caused by malfunctions.

    North East IT Support highly values each and every client, and puts emphasis on giving them a pleasant and convenient experience. Among the advantages customers get from his offers include affordability, speed, flexible work hours, fantastic after-sales service, and many more.

    About North East IT Support

    North East IT Support is a sole trader company that offers reliable IT solutions for home and office users, as well as small and medium businesses. He has over five years of experience in the field, using his skills and knowledge to provide pleasant and convenient services to customers in the North East region. This expert always does a thorough job and will make sure your systems and security mechanisms are fully operational and up to date. If you’re interested in his services, you may use the contact form at or call 01915805762.