New UberEats Clone From SpotnRides to Accelerate On-demand Delivery Services



Accelerate the revenue value of on-demand delivery services with the newly developed UberEats clone from SpotnRides and build a solid customer base too.

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Getting a strong customer base is the major driving force to get high revenue. As per the current scenario, retaining potential customers is the critical one for the delivery service providers, since there is a huge gap between the customer’s preferences and the product delivery. Filing the demands via techie-platform is a trendy activity in recent times. SpotnRides also participated in this trend by developing the new UberEats clone app solution to accelerate revenue in on-demand delivery services.

Evolving trends in the delivery industries bring new challenges to the delivery service provider. To overcome those challenges, SpotnRides offers the perfect UberEats clone app solution with all the essentialities. From the product template creation to the delivery service completion, the UberEats clone app solution from SpotnRides brings a lot of revolutionary changes in each stage of the workflow and transforms it in a digitized way perfectly.

SpotnRides, a well-familiar service booking app solution provider with good customer signs. Bringing advances in whatever doing is the ultimate motto of SpotnRides and now wish to bring superior solutions for the delivery service professionals to retain the customers for the long run. Since the build of the application as per changing customer preferences and evolving trends, SpotnRides always acts as the top-accessible player for startup professionals for their accelerated revenue growth.

“We aim to transform the startup idea into a profitable business with unique and brainstorming app development strategies. We also wish to bring the revolutions in the on-demand delivery services via the different app solutions as per the needs and the changes. With this focus, We recently release the UberEats clone app solution to accelerate the revenue value of the on-demand delivery services and make the service provider gain a huge customer base perfectly.” CEO, SpotnRides.

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Revenue Accelerating Metrics

Custom Category List: This lists the products as per the new arrival, as well as customer preferences, increase the purchasing traffic that leads to high revenue.

Accurate ETA: The map-based ETA information makes the customers aware of the exact time of product arrival and this feature is helping the event planners.

Digitized Payment: With the inclusion of digitized payment interfaces, the customers can easily pay the delivery, subscription fee smartly.

Real-Time Navigation: This ensures the delivery partner completes the trip in the minimum interval that allows them to take more orders for high productivity.

Efficient Referral Program: This option allows the delivery startup owners to run a referral program to expand the business on a large scale and thus revenue gets accelerated.

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