New Pet Training Tool Feature Added to Landlord Tech’s Pet Management Platform, OurPetPolicy



Landlord Tech’s industry-leading pet management platform, OurPetPolicy, launches a cat and dog training feature providing pet owners and landlords full training modules for better pet management for rental properties.

Press Release

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Boise, Idaho, USA., October 19, 2022 – /Landlord Tech, creators of the industry leading property management software, OurPetPolicy, announced today the addition of the new Pet Owner Curriculum to their platform. The new feature provides training for pet owners on the best practices for reducing pet-related damage at properties.

We realized that pet-related damage is an absolute nightmare for landlords and we wanted to do something about it,” Landlord Tech Co-Founder, Logan Miller, said. “With the Pet Owner Curriculum, we’re helping landlords reduce pet damage in rentals and helping their tenants to become better pet owners.”


The new Pet Owner Curriculum for OurPetPolicy is designed as a benefit to both landlords and pet owners alike. For landlords, it aims to help reduce damage to their rental properties and, for tenants, it provides content on how to be a more responsible and caring pet owner. The courses were created by experienced curriculum developers with input from both professional dog and cat trainers and features short, engaging and interactive multimedia training.


The addition of the Pet Owner Curriculum to OurPetPolicy enhances the platform’s focus on creating a place for landlords to better track and protect their rental properties from pet damage. This step provides additional resources for tenants to help train their pets to not only limit damage, but also to provide a better experience for all tenants in the property.


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