New Hardwood Floor Restoration Business to Serve Jackson, Georgia



New Hardwood Floor Restoration Business to Serve Jackson, Georgia

Press Release

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JACKSON, GA, August 06, 2023 – Bobby Shane Brooks, a local entrepreneur and owner of Shane Steamers since 1999, is proud to announce the launch of his new business venture aimed at serving the Jackson, Georgia area – Shane Saves Hardwood Floors.


Shane Saves Hardwood Floors is committed to restoring the beauty, warmth, and value of hardwood floors in homes and businesses across Jackson. Their team of skilled professionals uses a combination of traditional craftsmanship and innovative techniques to deliver high-quality results.


“At Shane Saves Hardwood Floors, we believe in the timeless appeal of hardwood floors. Our mission is to rejuvenate these significant elements of our customers’ homes, restoring their natural beauty and prolonging their lifespan,” says Bobby Shane Brooks, Founder and CEO.


For more information about Shane Saves Hardwood Floors and its comprehensive suite of services, please visit the company website.



About Shane Saves Hardwood Floors


Shane Saves Hardwood Floors is a top-tier hardwood floor restoration business based in Jackson, Georgia, and serves all of the surrounding areas. Founded by Bobby Shane Brooks, who brings over 20 years of industry experience from his existing venture, Shane Steamers, the company offers unparalleled service quality in bringing hardwood floors back to life through a fast, efficient, and cost-effective refinishing process.




Bobby Shane Brooks

Shane Saves Hardwood Floors


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Phone: 404-858-4266