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Press Release

Scaffolding is a term that has been on the rise for decades now, primarily due to its resourcefulness in construction. With the different equipment and structures that one can employ on their sites, it helps to ease access between platforms while also ensuring everyone is safe. In this case, for anyone in New England, the best place to go for efficient and reliable scaffolding rental, ME,is we at New England Scaffolding.

About Us

When you speak of simplified access between levels on a construction project, scaffolding should come to mind. Also, the safety of everyone on and around the site should be handled well if the site has scaffolding. Now, to get all of those structures and solutions, the number one company you should talk to is New England Scaffolding.

At New England Scaffolding, we have a variety of scaffolding equipment and solutions. You can talk to us, and depending on your needs, we will get you a package that we are sure will fit your needs. Talk to us today for:

General Scaffolding: – we have the right scaffolding solutions for your access and safety needs. Our sidewalk protection, fabricated frames, systems scaffolding, and tube & coupler can help you achieve your needs successfully, safely, and in compliance.

Temporary Fencing: – you can hire our temporary fences to secure your property if it is under construction. It will boost the site’s privacy and security for a given period.

Shoring: – we also have heavy-duty and high-quality shoring like wall bracing, frame shoring, and in-house engineering.

Debris Management:- for all your trash management solutions, we are here for you. We can offer the best trash chutes for the safe and efficient disposal of construction waste.

Suspended Scaffolding: – suspended scaffolding, as the name says, can be suspended to hoist a working platform on any structure. Whether it is a structure with irregular shapes or complex angles, your work will be simpler.

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