NBL1 Australia has invited The Indian National Basketball League (INBL) to tour Melbourne, Australia.



The tour is set from November 14th to November 26th, 2023

Press Release

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The Indian National Basketball League (INBL), is thrilled to announce that NBL1 Australia, has invited the INBL representative team for an exciting tour of Melbourne, Australia, from November 14th to November 26th, 2023. This momentous occasion promises to be a significant stride in the development and promotion of Indian basketball.

The INBL eagerly anticipates collaborating with NBL1 on an enthralling series of games against teams from Melbourne, Victoria. The two leagues are set to embark on a unique journey that aims to enhance the domestic talent, provide exposure and the recognition, both within their respective nations and on an international scale.

“This tour is a wonderful opportunity for the INBL and NBL1 to come together in the spirit of Love for basketball. We believe it will be an exceptional learning experience and a great way to celebrate the global passion for basketball. This is another step towards INBL’s vision to bring international spotlight to Indian basketball talent and a step closer to preparing India to participate in the Olympics.” said Parveen Batish, CEO of INBL.

Dean Anglin, General Manager of NBL1 said “we are always excited to welcome teams from around the world in a spirit of cultural exchange and basketball philosophy. This is a great opportunity for our NBL1 teams to come up against different styles of play and play competitively games in the pre-season build up.”

As well as the opportunity to play games, the players will be exposed to Australian style of coaching, including individual skills sessions from internationally acclaimed skills coach, train in some of the best facilities in Melbourne, and see aspirational top flight NBL games.

This exchange will not only provide an incredible sporting spectacle but also foster cultural exchange and mutual understanding between the players, staff, and fans of both leagues. It will be an opportunity to strengthen our game and measure ourselves to an international standard.

Details of the tour, including venues, schedules, and ticket information, will be announced in the coming weeks. NBL1 & INBL are committed to ensuring a memorable experience for all basketball enthusiasts in Melbourne and beyond.

About NBL1:

The NBL1 is a professional basketball league in Australia run by the National Basketball League (NBL). The league consists of five conference: NBL1 South, NBL1 North, NBL1 Central, NBL1 West and NBL1 East, with each consisting of both men’s and women’s competitions. Each conference is run by their respective state governing body, with the league including 74 clubs from across every state and territory.