“My Stuff Organizer” For Home Inventory Management



susamp apps is glad to announce a new app “ ‘My stuff organizer’ for home inventory management. This app will help to track expenses and manage the inventory of household items.

Press Release

02 August  2021, Surat, Gujarat. Susamp app is happy to introduce one new customer-centric app “My Stuff Organizer: For Home Inventory Management”.this app will solve the inventory management problem of individual /small business owners and housewives.  

This app gives a user-friendly interface to add items with date, place, expiry date, photo and warranty details. this app also notifies the warranty and expiry date.it’s amazing features because we can’t remember all details. lenders and borrowers are also addable. Unique barcode facility also available, you can add products through scanning the barcode as well as create a barcode for every product and categorize them.

In this app, the search option is available. so, you can find stuff through keywords. all the products are automatically backed up so no need to picnic about data lost. This app tracks all your expenses, it helps to budget your personal finances. This app reduces women’s grocery and pantry inventory management difficulties too.

The CEO of susamp apps company said in the app launching event that “Today, I am very joyful to announce this excellent app ‘ My Stuff Organizer’: For Home Inventory Management. This app gives a hassle-free inventory management system to everyone. and my team is working for more and more performance and quality on this app.”

So, download this app My Stuff Organizer: For Home Inventory Management

And become more productive.