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Alpaca Walks Experiences in Northern Ireland

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Mourne Alpacas offers a unique opportunity to explore and experience all things Alpaca. Based in Slieve Croob, Ireland, the breeding farm is home to the largest pedigree alpaca herd on the island. Mourne Alpacas cater to those who wish to experience something new or enjoy a piece of the slow life while getting to know the sophisticated creatures.

The offered opportunities, which range from all-inclusive paddock trekking experiences to picnic add-on experiences, are well-suited for individuals of all ages. Mourne Alpacas offers visitors the exclusive chance to become spectators in an experience called CRIA watch, which allows one to observe newborns and days/weeks-old crias from a safe distance. Their ‘Talk’N Trek’ services introduce one to the farm, wherein a professional guides them through the extensive spaces, allowing them to gather a better idea of the creatures as well as the space. Picnic spaces can be booked, and one can enjoy their time surrounded by fleecy, feathery and furry alpacas.

Mourne Alpacas Farms is well-suited when it comes to inclusion and providing wheelchair accessibility.” We care for our fluffy alpacas and make sure that one can find joy and unwind surrounded by our furry friends.” mentioned the representative of the farm. Their toilets, main arrival parking, alpaca centre, shop, Lockdown Lake, and picnic pastures are well accommodating for wheelchairs. They also offer an immersive experience through a 6-person self-catering farmhouse, which is bookable.

Besides tourism, Mourne Alpacas takes on various initiatives to help people better learn about Alpacas, how to care for them and much more. As a breeding farm, they allow Alpacas for Sale Ireland. One has opinions and packages to choose from. These animals happen to be of great value because they provide fine, dense fleece that can be used in the manufacturing of luxury garments.

Mourne Alpacas also provides the needed guidance when it comes to learning about shearing, training, and caring for alpacas. They have an all-around approach when it comes to providing the needed services and ensuring memorable experiences for those who choose to take on the unique experience. One can also explore their shop and numerous other services to have a fulfilling experience.

About Mourne Alpacas

Mourne Alpacas is a breeding farm based in SlieveCroob, Ireland. It happens to be the home to the largest pedigree alpaca herd on the island. Mourne Alpacas provides an all-rounded experience to those who wish to experience all things Alpacas. From a guided tour of the farm to a fulfilling picnic opportunity, they cover all bases, including accessibility for wheelchair users. Catering to a variety of interests, they also sell Alpacas and guide them extensively in training, shearing, and caring for them!