Morning walk vs Evening walk



Here's something you may not know, though: Walking in the morning does not sound different from walking in the evening; it also has a different effect on your body.

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Anyone who wakes up in the morning to walk as the sun rises knows that, while getting out of bed is difficult, the strong feeling you get from walking is hard to overcome. The same walk, performed in the evening at sunset, may actually make you feel relaxed, by comparison, helping to clear up your nerves after a long, hard day.

There is a significant difference between the effect of morning and evening walks, and this difference is usually determined by the body’s circadian clock. Morning exercise stimulates gene programs in muscle cells, making them more efficient and better able to cut down on sugar and fat. Exercise in the evening, on the other hand, increases long-term physical activity.

Here is how walking in the morning, afternoon and evening can affect your body in a different way.

Morning walk

Morning exercise makes your muscles burn more sugar and fat throughout the day. The best time for morning walk is before breakfast. A 2013 study showed that people can burn 20% more body fat by exercising in the morning before meals – be sure to eat breakfast afterward. Additionally, walking in the morning is not just a good thing for fat burning; It can also help lower blood pressure, especially in older or overweight people.

From a moral point of view, walking in the morning is good because, no matter how busy your day is, check out the exercise on the list. Starting a day with a healthy win makes it easy to keep healthy habits going throughout the day.

Evening walk-

The best time for an evening walk is after dinner, especially if you have digestive problems. A 2008 study found that just 15 minutes of walking after a meal was enough to speed up digestion. It can also help reduce the symptoms of heartburn and acid reflux.

Going after dinner can also give you enough time before the drink to see if you are really satisfied, allowing you to skip the dessert altogether or choose a small serving of something you crave. The 2019 study found that evening exercise can reduce feelings of hunger – helping your body prepare for rest and recovery overnight.

Although walking in the morning gives you energy for the day, evening walks actually do the opposite, helping your body lower cortisol levels naturally and feel less stressed. It is a great way to end a day on a healthy note, which can be accompanied by colleagues, children, or friends and the opportunity to experience the day’s events, talk about upcoming events, or just spend time together without screens.