Mk Sabbir Rahman: Bangladesh Digital Marketer



Sabbir is a passionate digital marketer who has developed excellent expertise in Google SEO, he knows paid promotion as well as free advertising on Google search.

Press Release

Mk Sabbir Rahman was born on 20 July 2001. His Father’s name is MD Nazir Hossain. Sabbir may be a small-town boy from Gazipur, came to Dhaka with an enormous dream and idea of being a renowned name within the digital marketing world. Today, he’s one among the resourceful entrepreneurs in his field. Sabbir may be a young & dynamic digital marketer and entrepreneur, a star manager, a social media manager, and an influential figure.

Mk Sabbir Rahman is a renowned entrepreneur and founder of Mk Sabbir Digital Media. He is a specialist in SERP optimization (what appears when someone googles your brand name, According to Sabbir, He started his blogging journey at the age of 19 when he became a digital marketing expert at a very young age. At the age of 19, Sabbir successfully ranked Bangladesh’s top 10 bloggers.


He was blogging about tech, then expanded his horizon to Bollywood and Lifestyle and started a news portal to cover Bollywood and entrepreneurs. He is one of the youngest blogger to cover such a wide range of celebrity and entrepreneurs news, Sabbir is invited by brands like Dropout Media, FlaminArt, Mk Sabbir Digital Media, Dejzi, Twinkle Pawar Exclusive, and many more to cover their company’s services and products.

Sabbir, a 19-year old guy is functioning as a digital marketer. His interest in doing social media campaigns made him an expert, who has managed the pages of the many public figures and celebrities.

Mk Sabbir Rahman is additionally a self-published author, has published several books on the topic of digital marketing, personal branding and entrepreneurship.


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